Mr Fog Pods – Mango (6% nicotine)

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Package contents:

  • 1 pod contains: 1ml – 60mg (6%) Salt Nicotine
  • Each Pack comes with 4 pods

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When you think of the ultimate carnal pleasure, what comes to your mind? If it’s the Mr Fog Mango Pods then you’ve hit the jackpot. These pods contain within a mouthwatering concoction, which imparts the most natural and purest flavors found inherent in the mango. If you wish to experience the ultimate pulpy, tropical bliss then this should be your first choice. This pleasant recipe allows you to experience the same impeccable taste offered to you by the actual fruit, except in this instance you get to retain it in your palate for a longer duration. So, skip the eating and stick to the puffing! There is no valid reason for you not to try this blend now!