Legit Drip Satisfied (30MG/30ML)


Legit Drip Satisfied is a tropical fruit essential oil fragrance with attractive layers of flavors, most notably pineapple and followed by coconut, along with the cold that will help you wake up immediately.


It’s been a while since a bottle of tropical fruit juice was mixed perfectly like this. The layers of flavors are subtly interwoven and ensure to flatter your mouth right from the first puff. The coolness is also moderately reduced so as not to lack or overdo it to the point of causing brain pain. That’s right! The juice we’re talking about here is Legit Drip Satisfied – Coconut Pineapple Ice Cream.

Legit Drip Satisfied starts with a cool pineapple flavor, from the first breath, it is like being immersed in the pineapple flavor and the coldness will help you wake up immediately. This e-liquid’s pineapple is not too thorny like others, but it brings a bit of softness and lightness, meanwhile the nicotine is still very clear. As mentioned from the beginning, Satisfied’s blend of flavors is very interesting, first thought is that the pineapple smell would overwhelm the whole thing, but in the aftertaste, the coconut flavor still lingers. The smell of coconut is very gentle but stays in the mouth so you can enjoy the whole day.